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  • Compete against your opponent in a fast-paced  2-player action-packed random maze game.
  • Use power-ups to help and hinder each other
  • Avoid the sneaky CPU enemies
  • Get to the exit first to win
  • Each round is larger than the last
  • Customise each game


- Freezes the other player for 5 seconds

- Gives you more speed for 4 seconds

- Reverses the other player's controls for 5 seconds

- Swaps player positions

- Teleports you randomly

 - Freezes all enemies for 5 seconds

 - Points in the direction of the door

 - Swaps the screen for each player

 - Makes you invisible for 10 seconds


Enable enemies to add 2 CPUs that roam around, finding your position, then randomly teleporting you.


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Maze Madness.zip 145 MB
Maze Madness Installer.exe 158 MB
Maze Madness Ubuntu 145 MB

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Incredibly good game, you can clearly tell how the creator has taken hours of their precious time to create a game worthwhile to anyone wanting to play a game with a friend!